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Welcome to artwork,

the home of unique, curated objets d’art.

Inspired by artists, APS combines the best of technology to create beautiful, long-lasting APS Artworks across dozens of genres – a massive enhancement on traditional numbered signed Limited Editions of the past.

We use cutting edge technologies including digital imaging, giclée reproduction, archive-grade papers from one of the world’s most respcted paper mills, QR codes, NFCs and smartphone advances to make an APS Artwork in your home or office a rich experience with its own story to tell.

APS Editions are released as Limited Editions, each individually signed and numbered with a video of that signing ceremony available through Right-QR, and Infinity Editions which are high-quality authorised reproductions.

Both styles of all Artworks of every Edition offer the same Package of relevant multi-media resources accessed through Left-QR, updated remotely.  This can provide viewer access to videos, documents, photos, slideshows, weblinks, music, notifications, menus, special offers and much more.

Below are some of our first editions, now available. Click on the below previews to see the full images.

If you’re interested in more information please email and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.



Net Zero Achieved



Putney Sunset

All Mama

Dartmoor Ponies

St George


Mission 1545